JACKSON — Police are looking for a man they say led them on a 100 mph chase on local roads on Saturday — before he appeared to comment on his own mug shot on the department's official Facebook page.

Larry Crippen, 20, who Jackson police said has addresses in Jackson and Lakewood, was involved in a "disturbance" with a female in the parking lot of the Willow Point apartment complex on East Commodore Boulevard around 12:20 p.m., police said.

While officers were on the way, Crippen left the complex in a 2010 Toyota and was spotted by a patrolman on South Cooksbridge Road, according to police. When the patrolman put his emergency lights on, Crippen took off and reached speeds of 100 mph on New Central Avenue and Hope Chapel Road, police said.

The pursuit was ended when Crippen crossed into Lakewood, police said.

Crippen faces charges of eluding, hindering apprehension and unlawful taking of means of conveyance on a complaint warrant. He was also charged with speeding, driving while suspended, reckless driving and multiple other traffic offenses.

In a post on the official Jackson Police Facebook page, a user named CollectBoy Effy posted:"Yall just on my private parts ao much u want every crime to be committed by me."

He was asked by another user if he had just commented on his own mug shot.

"Yea i'm not worried bout nothing that wasn't me," CollectBoy Effy responded. He told another user who teased him about denying he'd done anything: "The warrants for the black guy smashin your daughter."

The back-and-forth with other users continued:

"Did u really just comment on your own mugshot dude? do you know what an IP tracer is? Im guessing you are gonna find out in 3, 2, 1.," Akira Kurosawa wrote.

Facebook comments between a man claiming to be suspect Larry Crippen and Facebook users (Jackson Police via Facebook)

Jackson police asked anyone with information about Crippen to call 732-928-1111.

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