Will the Atlantic City, New Jersey Board of Education reject the expert advice of David Rubin?

We should know the answer to this important question on the evening of Thursday, May 16, 2024 … that is when the Atlantic City Board of Education is holding a special meeting to vote on the fate of La’Quetta Small, Superintendent of the Atlantic City Public Schools system.

David Rubin is a special counsel that the Atlantic City Board of Education hired to provide guidance regarding the child abuse criminal charges that Atlantic City Superintendent of Public Schools, La’Quetta Small currently faces.

Multiple Atlantic City sources have told us that Rubin has advised the Atlantic City Board of Education that New Jersey law is clear and that they must suspend Small from her position … because she has been criminally charged with child abuse allegations.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office has criminally charged Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, La’Quetta Small and Constance Days-Chapman, Principal of Atlantic City High School with:

MARTY SMALL is criminally charged with:

  • 2nd degree endangering the welfare of a child.
  • 3rd degree aggravated assault
  • 3rd degree terroristic threats
  • disorderly persons simple assault.

LA'QUETTA SMALL is criminally charged with:

  • 2nd degree endangering the welfare of a child.
  • 3 separate counts of disorderly persons simple assault.

CONSTANCE DAYS-CHAPMAN is criminally charged with:

  • second-degree Official Misconduct.
  • third-degree Hindering Apprehension of
  • Another.
  • fourth-degree Obstruction of Justice.
  • disorderly persons Failure to Report Child Abuse.

Days-Chapman was promptly suspended from her position following the criminal charges … yet, Small has not as yet been suspended.

That may change six days from now. Unless, the Atlantic City Board of Education purposely fails to do its job.

Here is one section of New Jersey law that covers public education employees:

Disqualifying Offenses:

N.J.S.A. 18A:6-7.1 lists those criminal records that, if revealed during the Criminal History Review process, would permanently disqualify an individual from being eligible for employment within the public school system. These offenses include:

  • All first or second degree crimes;
  • Sexual Offenses;
  • Child Abuse;
  • Sexual Offenses or child molestation as set forth in 2C:14-1 et seq.;
  • Endangering the welfare of a child or incompetent as set forth in
    2C:P24-4 and 2C:24-7

These are just a few of the crimes that are covered in this forfeiture statute, N.J.S.A.

It concludes with this language:

Thus, anyone convicted of any of the above offenses will be permanently disqualified from a school position and will be unable to obtain Certification from the New Jersey Department of Education.

Prior to conviction, the proper thing to always do is to suspend any New Jersey educator that is charged with child abuse crimes.

Which is exactly what the Atlantic City Pubnic Schools did with Constance Days-Chapman.

La’Quetta Small can be suspended with, or, without pay.

With the wide influence wielded by Marty and La’Quetta Small … if she is suspended next week … it will be with pay.

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