Are you starting to feel it?

Is America slipping right back to where we were last year, because of COVID-19 in general and the Omicron variant in particular?

The much maligned infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci yesterday stated that “further restrictions may be necessary.”

Throughout the pandemic, Fauci has been wrong about so much, so often. However, it’s undeniable that cancellations, postponements and other restrictions are escalating at the present time.

Here at home, the NFL Philadelphia versus Washington football game has been moved from tomorrow to Tuesday.

At least one more NFL game (Las Vegas Raiders versus Cleveland Browns) game is being delayed by one day. More teams may follow this trend.

NHL and college basketball games are also being postponed and moved.

Last night, we confirmed the first New Jersey school has made a decision to return to all virtual learning, beginning this Monday.

You can’t overstate how injurious virtual learning became when it was in effect for more than a year.

When developing minds (children) lose the extraordinarily important social emotional contact with one another, we know that it has already caused significant issues in terms of mental health and development.

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New York City Broadway shows have been affected, with several closing for different periods of time. The famed Rockettes have been cancelled.

I interviewed Dr. Manny Alvarez, Fox News Contributor and senior medical analyst yesterday (while filling-in for The Guy Benson Show) on Fox News Radio.

Dr. Alvarez confirmed that the number of positive cases is increasing. However, he didn’t hesitate to also report that the Omicron variant has produced much more mild results versus the Delta variant.

The current scientific research has yielded that the Delta variant can travel and do significant damage directly in the lungs.

The Omicron variant appears to “live” in the nasal passages and therefore produces a considerably less severe case of COVID-19.

It is true, Omicron is 70 times more transmissible. The experts are saying that this will lead to more overall cases and more breakthrough cases.

A so-called breakthrough case is when a fully vaccinated person contracts COVID-19.

Here’s a rundown which illustrates how sudden and significant the COVID-19 disruptions have been.

There has been a significant rise in COVID-19 cases across the country and the sports world at all levels has been affected by COVID-19.


CBS reports that their college basketball CBS Sports Classic matchup in Las Vegas between Ohio State and Kentucky has been cancelled.

The Penn State-VCU matchup set for today has also been cancelled. North Carolina has cancelled its game with UCLA due to an outbreak with the Bruins team.

The Tar Heels will now face the Wildcats in Las Vegas in the CBS Sports Classic

The Iona-Seton Hall game set for Madison Square Garden today in the Gotham Classic has also been cancelled. The St. John's vs. Pitt game will be played.


The Cleveland Browns have placed eight players on the reserve/COVID-19 list in their Week 15 game against the Las Vegas Raiders. The amount of Browns players in COVID protocol continued to grow to where yesterday  the NFL made the decision to move decided to move their game, in addition to pushing back the Eagles vs. Washington and Rams vs. Seahawks games.

It doesn’t end there. The NBA and NHL have also been so severely hit by COVID-19 outbreaks that games have been postponed., according to CBS Sports.

COVID-19 is also beginning to affect high school and grade schools and their extra and co-curricular activities in growing numbers.

It’s beginning to look a lot like 2020 and not in a good way.

It’s still early in this latest COVID-19 wave, but, the present trend doesn’t look good.

America remains very divided on the philosophy of managing COVID-19. You can expect that this will heighten the overall stress and the tension level will continue to build.



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