Tropical Storm Ophelia certainly made a mess here in South Jersey this past weekend.

There's quite a lot of erosion on most of our beaches here in the Garden State. Ocean City is particularly rough. Those beaches took quite the beating over the last few days.

It's safe to say this weekend definitely wasn't what people would describe as one with two perfect beach days.

Apparently, that didn't matter for one Jeep driver in Brigantine. Somebody actually tried to drive their Jeep SUV onto the beach in Brigantine this past weekend. Yes, even through the soggy, wet sand.

Here's the thing, it's not against the rules to drive onto the Brigantine beaches if you have the right permit.

That's not the point, though.

Even if you're legally allowed to be there, you should still use your brain and avoid dangerous situations.

Apparently, this person didn't care, considering their Jeep got stuck in the sand as the waves surged.

The Jeep was first discovered early Saturday morning. Shout out to the person that was looking for all of us and figured we could all use some entertainment while being stuck inside all weekend during the storm.

Check out the Jeep in the midst of Brigantine's rough surf from Tropical Storm Ophelia this weekend below:

Tim Campbell via Facebook
Tim Campbell via Facebook

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