New Jersey Superior Court Presiding Judge, Civil Division, Joseph L. Marczyk has ordered a new, special election for Thelma Witherspoon versus Andrew Parker for Atlantic County Freeholder, District 3.

Parker won the right to hold a special election to decide who should win this seat.

Witherspoon had previously been declared the certified winner.

“My campaign for freeholder - now commissioner - has never stopped,” said Parker. We have the best run county in the State of New Jersey and I am hopeful that once we have a fair special election, my message will connect with voters and we will prevail,” concluded Parker.

Witherspoon had been preparing to take office tomorrow, Tuesday, January 5, 2021.

With Judge Marczyk vacating the November 3 general election, the seat will remain vacant until the special election decides the ultimate winner.

The Witherspoon certified result has been vacated in the decision.

The seat is now open.

Complicating matters, is Governor Phil Murphy‘s executive order relative to upcoming elections during the COVID-19 health Pandemic.

This could delay the special election for several months, until the pandemic loosens it’s tight grip on the region and state.

I spoke with Atlantic County Democratic Party Chairman Michael Suleiman seeking comment.

Here is Suleiman’s full comments:


Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman released the following statement regarding the ruling in the 3rd District Commissioner race:

"Thelma Witherspoon won this election fair and square. We will not let the voters be disenfranchised, and let taxpayers spend up to $100,000 for a new election, just because the Republicans are unhappy about the voters' choice. Accordingly, I directed our attorneys to immediately file an appeal."

It is likely that Witherspoon will appeal Judge Marczyk’s decision, as they also wanted to enter their election expert’s analysis regarding the Results of the November 3, 2020 general election.

NOTE: Suleiman confirmed to me that they are appealing Judge Marczyk’s decision.


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