Earlier this week, we shared a feel good story about a bird’s nest that was built on the top of a wreath on one of our front doors.

We were very excited about it. First, there was 4 eggs. A day later, there were 6.

This afternoon I checked on them. The nest was on the ground, the bird eggs are almost all gone.

Here’s all that’s left.

Harry Hurley photo.

We believe that another bird attacked the nest.

We were really looking forward to their birth.

Life doesn’t always go your way.

In happier times (from yesterday).

Harry Hurley photo.

UPDATE: My wife Margie found a live, little bird. Margie replaced the nest back where it was. She placed the tiny, premature bird in the nest. Shortly thereafter, The Mom came back and is presently sitting on the nest.

We may have a miracle underway.

Here’s the baby bird. It’s Alive!

Harry Hurley photo.
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