We mentioned back on May 13, that Kelsey Grammer should be considered for an official “Atlantic City Ambassador” position.

Last month, Grammer declared “I love Atlantic City," and, it is clear, that Atlantic City loves Kelsey Grammer back in return.

Grammer will return to Atlantic City, New Jersey’s The Irish Pub, this Friday, June 24, at 5:00 p.m.

Grammer will once again reprise his role as a Celebrity Bartender.
Grammer exudes such genuine warmth and positivity each and every time that he has visited Atlantic City. Recently, he has spent time at The Irish Pub, Steel Pier, and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Grammer has spent quality time in Atlantic City last August, October, and December as well as in March and May of this year.

Each time that Grammer has appeared, he has been widely accessible to fans, posing for photos and generously chatting with patrons.

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In 2015, Grammer founded The Faith American Brewing Company.

The whole reason that he started the company was to create much-needed jobs in the Catskills area of Upstate New York.

It worked, as Grammer helped to bring economic activity to the region.

About his successful beverage company, Grammer said, “Finally we hit on this one. The Faith American Ale. And, I thought that’s just right, just like Goldilocks,” said Grammer.

It’s also been announced that Grammer will soon reprise his iconic Frazier role for a reboot On The Paramount + platform.

SOURCE: The Faith American Brewing Company & The Atlantic City Irish Pub.

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