When I was a kid growing up, playing baseball, I would always look forward to playing against Upper Township.

No, it wasn't because they had some great fields. It was actually a far drive and the field wasn't all that great out at Caldwell Park.

However, there was always that stop at Kirk's Pizza in Marmora on the way home, which made the drive worth it.

Now, I'm sad to hear that Kirk's is for sale.

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I came across this post from a friend of mine, Frank Levin, who broke the news that one of my favorite places to go when I was a kid was for sale.

Well as many of you know it's been for sale, and we have the great opportunity to market this property and get is sold. It comes along with a BIG new and improved Price Improvement.

Where better to begin your next business opportunity than next to Marmora's Super Wawa location, and Scarborough’s huge Shoprite Shopping Center, off exit 25 and Route 9 outside of 34th St. in Ocean City, NJ. Please reach out, or contact your agent for more info. Please PM.

When I saw the news, I felt like George Costanza in the Seinfeld episode called "The Frogger," where he needed to rescue the Frogger machine from his childhood pizza shop to preserve his high score.

Just because it's for sale, doesn't mean it's going away, but you never know what will happen when new owners take over. They could keep serving delicious pizza, or turn it into something entirely different.

There was just something about walking into that house and grabbing a slice or two.

Let's hope it remains a pizza joint and many others can make great memories on their way home from playing in Upper Township.

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