Do you have any idea what's replacing this former bank on Tilton Road in Northfield?

This used to be a newly built Sun National Bank branch that closed quite some time ago.

It's a great location and, not to mention, I always thought it was a good-looking building. That all-glass front is pretty eye-catching.

Normally, rumors spread pretty quickly when a new business is getting ready to open, but I haven't heard a peep about what's going here.

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Much of the inside of the building has been gutted and it looks like the roof over the drive-thru lanes was being dismantled or at least altered.

While work on this old bank continues, this isn't the only change coming to Tilton Road. Almost right across the street, the folks who have been selling bikes and accessories at Beacon are retiring and that store is closing in the near future.

Should you know what is moving into the old Sun National Bank branch, please drop me an e-mail!

Meanwhile, just down the street next to Wendy's, an empty lot is still for sale and I have some ideas for what should go there...

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