Just a few weeks ago, 4-year-old Evangeline (Lena) Tietjen from Vineland was playing dress up and doing things that little girls do when all of a sudden, she quickly began showing symptoms of what seemed to be a stomach virus.

However, parental instincts began to kick in when Lena's family realized that the symptoms began progressing rapidly to her arms and legs.

After a visit to the local hospital, she was transferred to CHOP where a CT Scan showed a mass on little Lena's brain.

After many biopsy's and procedures that a little girl shouldn't have to go through, it was determined that Lena has been diagnosed with Grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma; an inoperable malignant brain tumor.

This news is obviously devastating to the family and those who know them. Without being able to operate, the doctors are predicting that little Lena only has three months to live.

However, as any parents would, they refuse to not fight. With integrated therapies and treatments, the family is hopeful they can turn this prognosis around.

In the midst of this all, Lena's parents along with her twin brother are hoping for a Christmas miracle. But all Lena wants for the holidays, is some books.

Credit: Erin Tietjen via 6abc.com
Credit: Erin Tietjen via 6abc.com

Naturally so, Lena's story has gone viral and the books for her have been pouring in. So much, that they've created a giant bookshelf called "Lena's Library."

The family can't do this alone. In which case, friends are not only asking for book donations for Lena, but a Go-Fund-Me page has also been started to help the family financial with the expense of the treatments, time off from work, and whatever necessities they may need to keep their little girl alive.

With a goal of 50,000 dollars, South Jersey-- along with the rest of the world-- has been able to raise just under that amount in 18 very long days.

If you're interested in donating books to Lena's Library, you can send them to:

Lena's Library
C/O Dr. Juanita Davis
Thomas W. Wallace Junior Middle School
688 North Mill Road
Vineland, NJ 08360

An Amazon wishlist has also been set up to help the process for anyone who might want guidance in selecting a book.

Credit: Erin Tietjen via GoFundMe
Credit: Erin Tietjen via GoFundMe

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