There was an enthusiastic gathering in opposition to the behemoth offshore wind energy project that took place today, Saturday, July 15, 2023.

Similar events have been taking place all over the New Jersey Shore, today as a part of “Hands Across The Beach Campaign” initiative.

I am going to focus here on the informational protest that took place in Longport and Margate, New Jersey.

All of the hand painted signs that you see in the photographs in this article, were created by local artist, Jon Baker.

Jon Baker has created a slogan that I think is very catchy.

Baker calls it the “Don’t Knock On The Glass” campaign.

Baker’s point is that a “5-year-old knows that when you go to an aquarium … you don’t knock on the glass.”

There are usually signs posted that say “Don’t Touch The Glass.”

This is not just to keep the glass from getting dirty. The knocking sounds create a disturbance for the marine life.

Here is 15-year-old Noah Hurley Baker’s own creative interpretation regarding the potential negative effects of countless 1,000 feet tall offshore wind turbines erected along the coastline.

Noah Hurley Baker drawing.
Noah Hurley Baker drawing.

We spoke directly with another event organizer, Suzy Lawler, who said:

"It's so sad that this is happening in our backyard. This is not a green project at all. They didn't take enough time to properly study the overall impact.

Lawler also mentioned that “we’re located in Hurricane Alley.”

“”Lawler also pointed out that there are a lot of unanswered questions … such as “What about the birds that will hit the turbines.”

“It's sad that people are not being properly informed about this. Not enough information is being provided.”

Lawler was adamant that she intends “no disrespect to others who have a different opinion.”

I also had a very nice conversation with Rebecca Newman (who along with her husband Matt) live in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania.

The Newman’s also own a home in Longport, New Jersey.

“I am adamantly against this project,” said Newman. We have a weekly meeting here in Longport to try and bring about awareness for the residents.”

“Our community and beaches are stunning … there is nothing better than being at the Jersey shore,” said Newman.

I have been covering this issue from “second one.” I am struck at how thoughtful and professional those who are in opposition have been.

The government officials who support it, simply deny that there is any negative environmental impact whatsoever.

They never provide specifics … they simply parrot that the New Jersey DEP and the United States EPA have approved the project.

The political proponents use these powerful government agencies as a shield to get their way.

Have you noticed that there has not been any polling done regarding support or opposition regarding the offshore wind turbines?

This is because they already know that the majority of the public opposes this project and they simply don’t care.

There has been no intellectual curiosity whatsoever demonstrated to properly investigate any potential damage that these behemoth wind turbines may cause marine and bird life … or, other potential negative environmental impact.

Here are two more photos from today’s informational protest event.

Jon Baker phito.
Jon Baker photo.
Jon Baker photo.
Jon Baker photo.

The only hope as I see it, is for the citizens to mount a continued effort to delay this project until Jack Ciatterelli becomes the next Governor of New Jersey and he can put a stop to this madness.

Additionally, all local, county and state elected officials should be held to account for blindly supporting this for purely political reasons.

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