Lower Township Police are warning about a rash of car thefts and burglaries of vehicles lately and giving tips to avoid being a victim.

Police Warn of Increased Vehicle Thefts

There have been a series of vehicle thefts and burglaries of vehicles across South Jersey, and Lower Township Police say the problem is that people are making it too easy for their cars to be stolen.

In a press release Tuesday, Lower Township Police say they have investigated multiple motor vehicle thefts over the past month.
The vehicles were often left unsecured, with the key or the key fob still inside.
There are additional reported incidents of motor vehicle burglaries, where the thieves are targeting unlocked motor vehicles and stealing items inside.

Police Give Three Tips to Protect Your Vehicle

Lower Township Police are giving these basic tips to help you avoid having your car stolen or items stolen out of your car. The tips may seem basic, but people aren't protecting themselves.

1. Always remove your keys: Never leave your keys in the ignition, even for just a brief amount of time. Always take your keys with you and ensure you lock the vehicle.
2. Lock your doors: Ensure all doors and windows are securely locked when your vehicle is unattended, regardless of where you park.
3. Do not leave valuables in plain sight: Remove any valuable items from your car or place them out of sight to reduce the temptation for thieves.

Don't be an easy mark for car thieves. Lock your vehicle every time and keep valuables hidden.

If you have information about a stolen vehicle in Lower Township, contact police at (609) 886-2711 or, in an emergency, dial 911.

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