You will have to wait a few days longer to enjoy a pizza on the Ocean City Boardwalk from famed pizza shop Manco and Manco.

Tuesday, we told you that Manco and Manco had disclosed that three of their employees had tested positive for covid-19 and that they were closing their three Ocean City Boardwalk locations for a day for deep cleaning.

A Facebook post said that two of the employees were asymptomatic, and got tested because they came in contact with someone outside of work who tested positive. The three employees are quarantining for 14 days.

Tuesday night, Manco and Manco owners posted a second statement saying they had decided to test all their employees and keep all three boardwalk locations closed until Saturday.

"We understand the overwhelming concern of our loyal customers and our staff alike....While we remained closed, we will be providing mandatory testing of all employees. All boardwalk shops will remain closed until results are received on Saturday. Upon review of the test results, only employees with negative results will be allowed to return to work"


Manco and Manco plans also plans to temporarily stop selling slices of pizza and increase precautions in the boxing of their pizzas, even though the CDC says the risk of contracting COVID-19 from food or packaging is very low.

Manco and Manco hopes to return to selling slices again later this summer.

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