Earlier this year, we conducted our first field test of the “new” Atlantic Avenue in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

It’s the infamous, so-called "Road Diet." It is a significant road change that almost no one wants.

Some self-proclaimed road genius named Marty Small decided that Atlantic Avenue will work better by shrinking it from 4 lanes, down to 2 lanes.

Who could possibly believe that?

On Tuesday, January 2, 2024, we traveled Atlantic Avenue and filmed how drivers and bicycle riders were managing the new configuration.

Traffic was light, but, it was a very revealing exercise, because everything that we stated in advance of this new road set-up is already coming true.

Look at the photo above and below.

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

In this photo, you can clearly see a vehicle that is riding all the way to the right, which is supposed to be the dedicated bicycle lane.

To the left, you can plainly see a bicycle rider, who is riding down the center, between the two car lanes. This is exactly what we predicted would occur.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small continues to brag about getting $ 24 million dollars for this project,

which also will result in a newly resurfaced Atlantic Avenue and traffic light resynchronization.

The City of Atlantic City was required to file this plan with the New Jersey Casino Reinvestment

Development Authority (NJCRDA) because part of Atlantic Avenue is located within what is known as “The Tourism District."

The City of Atlantic City did not consult with the NJCRDA and instead went rogue and began the road shrinkage project on its own.

Atlantic City casino and other business leaders thought that their lobbying efforts had successfully stopped this bad project.

They were wrong. Small is committed to turning a big road that has worked well for decades... into a small road that appears poised to create many logistical problems and potential safety issues.

On Saturday, April 13, 2024, Atlantic City activist Johnny Exadaktilos took this photo (below).

Johnny Exadaktilos photo.
Johnny Exadaktilos photo.

Another major problem that every level-headed, clear-thinking person knew would happen with the road diet … how will stores have deliveries take place?

Now, you can see it with your own lying eyes. Delivery trucks will have to block the entire lane … the one remaining travel lane and bicycle lane.

The state of New Jersey must step-in and put an end to this disastrous road configuration before the summer season arrives in Atlantic City.

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