The Trenton Thunder and one outfielder in particular are receiving death threats for something that happened at Wednesday night's game.

According to, Outfielder Matt Lipka got up to bat in the 9th inning of last night's game against the Hartford Yard Goats and almost caused an uproar inside the stadium.

What did he do that was so bad? Well, he didn't exactly do anything illegal that an umpire would call, but he did bunt while he was up to bat. Now, this is causing people to call in death threats because the pitcher of the Hartford Yard Goats was about to achieve a no hitter for the game. So by bunting, Lipka prevented that from happening, which in baseball is a really crappy move. After the game, there was almost a huge fight between two teams and the Arm & Hammer Park just sat back and watched.

Check out the controversial bunt in the Twitter video below.

Many sports media outlets backed Lipka's move and talk about him just trying to save his team. The Thunder was losing and he could have started something up in the 9th inning and possible could have saved the game. also made the point that the no hitter that was about to be achieved was a combination of four pitchers, not just one pitcher.

However, you look at it, Matt Lipka does not deserve death threats over it.

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