If Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small gets his way it’ll be big raises for all Atlantic City employees in the next budget year.

Small is proposing a two-step increase process, featuring an approximate $4,500 salary increase on June 1, 2022, followed by a second increase of about $3,000 more, effective January 1, 2023.

The Mayor Small budget also raises all full-time positions in Atlantic City to a minimum salary of $31,000 per year.

Small has been promising substantial salary increases for all city employees since becoming Mayor.

The state of New Jersey holds full legislative oversight of the City of Atlantic City. The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs will have to approve these proposed increases and Small’s proposed $218 million budget.

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Small has not yet disclosed how the employee raises will be paid for.

But, Small did say that these specific revenue sources will not be used:

  • American Rescue Plan funds.
  • $2 per-night hotel room tax.
  • The new room surcharge.

The state of New Jersey has not yet revealed whether they will sign off on Small’s budget or the substantial salary increase scheme.

Small has also not revealed the overall cost of the salary increases, however, basic math would place it in the $6.4 million range.

There are approximately 850 Atlantic City employees x $7,500 each = $6.375 million.

Small also promised earlier today that his proposed budget will lower the tax rate in Atlantic City. No additional specifics about this were provided, only generalities at this time.

Atlantic City council president George Tibbitt has forged a very close working relationship with Mayor Small. You can expect that Tibbitt will be enthusiastically supporting Small’s proposed budget.

In the Atlantic City Mayor-Council form of government, the Mayor proposes and the City Council disposes. Once the Mayor submits his budget to City Council, it officially becomes the city Council‘s budget at that point.

At this time, there appears to be absolute solidarity between the executive branch and legislative branch regarding the Mayor Small agenda.

SOURCES: Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small press conference (4/19/22) and Atlantic City Council Members.

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