BERKELEY — Flipping burgers and taking fast-food orders can be a dangerous job. Just ask two South Jersey McDonald's employees who were left with a possibly broken wrist and a bloody wound after being attacked by irate customers who complained about their order.

Township police are looking for two men who attacked the young fast-food workers Sunday night on Atlantic City Boulevard.

One of the workers said he was grabbed by one of the men through the take-out window. The other worker, who had gone outside to confront the violent customers, was slashed in his wrist by a knife during a struggle, police said.

Police said the men walked up to the drive-through window after they had ordered their food and parked. One of the men began banging on the window and complained about their order.

The 19-year-old employee told them to come back the next day because they were closed and offered them credit for their order.

One of the men then threw a bag of food in the worker's face and grabbed him. The worker said that his hand got slammed in the window while he was trying to close it.

The employee who was slashed after he went into the parking lot was identified as a 21-year-old, who received stitches for the cut. The 19-year-old was treated for a possible broken wrist, police said.

A manager for the restaurant was not available for comment Tuesday afternoon. Police did not release details about the suspects' vehicle.

Township police ask anyone with information to call the confidential tip line at 732-341-1132 x611.

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