Joe Giralo is as hard-working and likeable as you can find in both public service and elective office.

Giralo is running for the Republican nomination and the right to take on Ed McGettigan, the long-time Atlantic County Clerk.

Giralo has displayed class, dignity and respect, and he’s essentially cleared the Republican field.

Giralo possesses decades of experience within Atlantic County government and he’s been elected to both the Hammonton board of education and city council over the years.

Giralo has also served as President and Vice President of the Hammonton Board of Education. He’s also a former
Member of the Atlantic Community College Board of Trustees.
Giralo has previously served on the Hammonton Planning Board for 38 years, as Chairman and Vice Chairman.
McGettigan is incredibly well known, first serving as a Republican Councilman at Large in Atlantic City for multiple terms.
McGettigan wanted to run for County-wide office as a Republican, but, it wasn’t in the political cards. So, he switched political parties and became a Democrat.
McGettigan has won ever since. Only Sonia Harris gave McGettigan a tough race. Otherwise, McGettigan has dispatched one Republican after another.
Giralo believes that things will be different this year. Front and center is McGettigan’s colossal error on the 2020 General Election ballot. This could prove to be problematic for McGettigan.
554 voters were disenfranchised, leading to New Jersey Superior Court Judge Joseph Marczyk invalidating the election for Atlantic County Freeholder for District 3.
A new election will cost more than $100,000 to the taxpayers and it’s inherently unfair to the candidates, Thelma Witherspoon and Andrew Parker.
The issue is presently in the hands of the New Jersey state Appellate Division. The new election is presently on hold, pending disposition.
Despite this big mistake, there remains no doubt that Giralo will have his hands full as McGettigan is still a prodigious vote-getter.
Giralo will have to draw upon all of his extensive life experience to pull off the win.
To provide you with the opportunity to get to know him better, here is a detailed biography of Joe Giralo.
Joseph Giralo is 58 years old and a lifelong resident of Hammonton, NJ. He is a product of public education, having attended Hammonton public schools, Atlantic Cape Community College and Stockton University, graduating with a degree in history.
Joe has been married to his wife Gina for 24 years and they have two college aged daughters. Joe’s daughters, Gianna and Gemma, both attend college and are seeking careers in the medical field.

Giralo is currently employed at the Atlantic County Improvement Authority, where he supports federally funded housing programs that support low income residents of Atlantic County.

Giralo has been active in public service since the age of 18 when he was appointed to the Hammonton planning board.

Today, Giralo is a 5 year member of Hammonton Town Council.  Prior to that he served on the Hammonton Board of Education for 15 years.

During his time at the Hammonton Board of Education, Giralo led a complete turnaround in the district, which was in a financial deficit.

When Giralo left the Hammonton Board of Education 15 years later, the Hammonton students directly benefited from a record budget surplus and world class facilities.

Giralo is also an active member of the Hammonton community and a founding member of the Crusin’ Classics Car Club, where he is a past president.

Giralo is also a member of the Knights of Columbus in Hammonton along with the Hammonton Lions Club.  

Giralo is currently a trustee for the Saint Mary of Mount Carmel Parish. He received the appointment to the post from Bishop Dennis Sullivan.

Now you know who Joe Giralo is. He’s done a lot thus far during his lifetime.

He’s a candidate straight from central casting. I predict that Giralo will be the most formidable opponent that McGettigan has ever faced. His like ability is also off the charts.

A significant intangible that cannot be overstated is whether or not the general election will be a traditional one, or, a mostly all vote by mail election.

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