The holiday season is here. It's time to get the decorations out and put up the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, the holidays also brings out some not so nice holiday scams.

The latest holiday scam according to involves the scammer posing as a government official and targeting employees.

A scammer posing a Millville's town mayor sent a bogus email to employees asking them to buy gift cards for Christmas to give out as gifts. The scammers will then ask you for the gift card's access number to redeem for themselves.

The same type of scam also happened in Gloucester county. The scammer, posing as the mayor, sent out an email asking employees to buy gift cards for residents.

One of the biggest scams to wind up on the naughty scam list for 2020 involves one of the hottest presents to put under the Christmas tree this year, the PlayStation 5.
According to the USA Today, scammers are out in full force for PS5. You are being advised to use extreme caution if your purchasing one for Christmas online. Fake postings are showing up on eBay where scammers are trying to sell you a photo of PS5 but not the actual game.

Be aware of any PS5 prepayment or deposit plan where a scammer will try to dupe you by asking for a deposit or a down payment. The Better Business Bureau has also issued a scam warning for some of the most popular games for the Christmas including Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 Pro.

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