The Millville School District’s summer preschool program was forced to close this week, a week earlier than scheduled, after two workers tested positive for coronavirus.

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Millville School District Superintendent Tony Trongone told that one employee at the Millville Child Family Center tested positive on July 31, and the plan had been to have any students and staff members who were exposed to that worker to quarantine for 14 days and clean and sanitize the room.

When a second worker tested positive a day later the decision was made to close the program.

According to, Trongone shared the news in a letter to the school community.

“Despite our meticulous efforts to follow all social distancing guidelines and practices , it is evident that we are unable to mitigate the spread of the virus...Rather than continue to put employees, children and their respective families at risk, closing the program is the safest option we have to reduce the spread of the virus in our community.”

The program, which served 40 children between the age of 3 and 5, began on July 6.

Trongone told his staff is ready for the challenges the upcoming school year will represent but that it will be difficult.

“We can’t put put our employees into a bubble like the NBA,” he said. “We have no control of what they do outside school.”


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