MANALAPAN — Autopsy results finally have been delivered to the mother of fallen Navy SEAL candidate Kyle Mullen, who continues to fight for justice in her son’s sudden death amid intense training.

Regina Mullen, a registered nurse, said she received official autopsy results only after the May retirement of a Naval commander who was overseeing candidates at the time of her 24-year-old son's February death.

She said the results — acute pneumonia as cause of death — echoed those of a private autopsy she paid for months ago, showing that her son's death was preventable if he had been given prompt medical treatment.

His death on a mattress on the ground of a military barracks was hours after completing the grueling five-day test dubbed “Hell Week” at the U.S. Naval base in San Diego, Mullen has said.

Three other candidates with the same condition were rushed to the Navy emergency room that same day, according to Regina Mullen on Monday — more than the one other candidate military officials originally confirmed shortly after.

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“Which is basically that SIPE which I said all along,” Mullen said in a Facebook post and again to us.

Swimming-induced pulmonary edema, or SIPE, is fluid buildup in the lungs.

Kyle Mullen (Yale University)
Kyle Mullen (Yale University)

Kyle Mullen was on oxygen and spitting blood by the time he finished the first phase of assessment and selection for the elite Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) class, his mother repeatedly has said, after talking to witnesses who trained with him.

U.S. Rep. Andy Kim, D-NJ 3rd District, has advocated for a separate investigation of Kyle Mullen’s death and has continued to work with Regina Mullen. She said U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, R-NJ, also has been “asking questions.”

“I want a military trial court martial. I want people in jail — this is murder, manslaughter — It’s definitely gross negligence,” Mullen continued.

“It’s a national disgrace how these young men, athletes with high intelligence prove themselves are treated.”

A request for comment from the Navy was not immediately answered on Monday.
Regina Mullen has said that after all the aggressive training her son had gone through — he should have been under medical observation for at least 24 hours. They just merely asked him, "are you okay,” she continued.

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