Here go The Small’s, again.

First, Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Marty Small led a political retaliation scheme and successfully had John Devlin removed from the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority … where Devlin had served as Chairman of The Board.

Devlin was removed from his public office by just one vote.

To his credit, after finding out the truth … Atlantic City Council President George Tibbitt went public on our Townsquare Media Atlantic City airwaves and exposed Small, with Tibbitt publicly stating:

We were lied to by Mayor Small. We owe John Devlin a public apology.

Tibbitt then went on to issue a public apologize for Devlin being unjustly removed from the Atlantic City Utilities Authority.

Devlin presently has a massive lawsuit working its way through the New Jersey court system against Marty Small, the City of Atlantic City and many other elected and appointed Atlantic City officials.

Now, we have learned that La’Quetta Small, Mayor Small’s wife and the Superintendent of the Atlantic City Public Schools is coming after Devlin.

Devlin is currently the longest serving member of the Atlantic City Board of Education … serving more than 20 years in this elective office.

Devlin has had a stellar attendance record for more than two decades regarding open public meetings, as well as the various Board Committee meetings.

La’Quetta Small has now devised a scheme to potentially try and take Devlin’s duly elected Board of Education seat away from him.

We have exclusively obtained copies of two letters that tell the whole story and outline the scheme.

Devlin makes it clear that any board or committee meetings that he has missed are due to personal, medical or work related circumstances.

Here are the letters:

Harry Hurley, TSM.
Harry Hurley, TSM.
Harry Hurley, TSM.
Harry Hurley, TSM.

We have reviewed this latest Small attempt to try and remove Devlin from public office with a high profile Atlantic City attorney … who shared with us that this latest apparent retaliatory scheme adds more evidence for Devlin’s lawsuit against The Small’s and City of Atlantic City.

We reached out to John Devlin’s for comment. He respectfully declined, citing his ongoing litigation against The Small’s and the City of Atlantic City.

Devlin confirmed that the two letters that we have received are legitimate.


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