Going down the shore is getting a little more expensive.

Motorists using any of the five toll bridges in Cape May County saw the fare go up this week.

According to Sea Isle News, tolls were raised on the Ocean City-Longport Bridge, Townsends Inlet Bridge, Corsons Inlet Bridge, Middle Thorofare Bridge, and Grassy Sound Bridge.

The Cape May County Bridge Commission voted to increase the tolls in Jan. in three stages with tolls increasing by $.50 a year, eventually rising to $3 by 2024. It’s the first toll hike on the bridges since 2009.

The hikes come as the commission reported a 5.6% decrease in toll revenue between 2010 and 2020. Administrative expenses also decreased by 19.6%. Full-time collectors were replaced with part-timers as they retire. There was also a wage freeze between 2015-2019, the commission’s presentation says.

Fares will also be increasing for trucks; depending on the number of axles they have and whether they are pulling a trailer, trucks currently pay tolls ranging from $2.75 to $12.75. Under the toll hike, the truck rates would range from $4.25 to $14.25 when the full increase is implemented by 2024.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, the bridge commission projects to generate just over $15 million over three years with the toll hikes.

The hikes are intended to cover needed repairs and upgrades to the bridges, several of which date back to the 1930s and 40s. The Ocean City-Longport Bridge was built in 2002.

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