Numerous reports of funnel clouds and waterspouts were reported Friday as yet another batch of heavy thunderstorms moved across South Jersey.

Storms early this morning were responsible for a waterspout just offshore of Seaside Heights around 11:00. No damage was reported.

As the storms formed a line and dropped towards the coast, yet another funnel cloud was reported between Tuckerton and Long Beach Island in the area of Beach Haven. reports police in Long Beach Township could not be reached for comment on whether they received any reports of a tornado or funnel cloud actually touching land.

Closer to Atlantic City, it was heavy rain that prompted a flash flood warning to be issued around 3:30 Friday afternoon. Doppler radar estimates show 2 to over 4 inches of rain fell as storms crawled across the region.

Radar estimated precipitation - Graphic: NWS Doppler Radar/AccuWeather
Radar estimated precipitation - Graphic: NWS Doppler Radar/AccuWeather

As we head into the weekend, there is a chance of thunderstorms on Saturday before the heat and humidity return in full-force on Sunday and Monday.

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