In yet another great, Atlantic City first … the most iconic and famous comedy team in American History was formed in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The legendary Paul “Skinny” D’Amato was a creative, entertainment genius.

On July 25,1946, D’Amato partnered Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis at his iconic The 500 Club in Atlantic City, New Jersey, located at 6 South Missouri Avenue.

It was the first night that they ever performed together and it was the beginning of a great partnership that would last for one decade … ending on the very same date that it began, 10 years to the day!

Martin & Lewis has become the most famous comedy team of all time.

Lewis described The 500 Club in Atlantic City as a “nightclub paradise.”

Lewis had worked at the The 500 Club as a solo act for a reported $ 150 per-week.

When a crooner didn’t work out, Lewis suggested Martin to D’Amato.

It quickly became apparent to D’Amato that he should partner Martin & Lewis together. They worked for a reported (combined) $ 250 per-week.

Their partnership was so successful, that approximately 5 months later, Martin & Lewis’ salary was increased to $ 5,000 per-week.

Lewis also wrote in his 2005 book about another Atlantic City fun fact … confirming that there was an “off-the-books” casino in the back room of The 500 Club.

Gambling and Atlantic City dates back many decades … however, the first legal gambling casino did not open in Atlantic City until Resorts International Hotel and Casino on May 26, 1978.

It’s now called Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City and it is open and strong to this day … more than 45 years later.

Jerry Lewis would go on to perform at Resorts International early in its existence. Here an example from 1978 … during a special Christmas weekend engagement.

Resorts International Hotel and Casino was open for about 7 months at the time.

Kenneth McIntyre photo.
Kenneth McIntyre photo.

I hope that you have enjoyed this Atlantic City walk down memory lane.

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