The former New Jersey Casino Reinvestment Authority Executive Matt Doherty has been selected to be the next Executive Director of the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

Doherty is also the former Mayor of Belmar, New Jersey.

Doherty will be taking over at a critical time in this agency’s history.

The Atlantic City Housing Authority has come under much deserved criticism; especially regarding the deplorable conditions at the Stanley S. Holmes Village Apartments.

These residents have been living without heat, air conditioning, natural gas and in both insect and rodent infestation.

In addition to the hiring of Doherty, Thomas Sahlin has been named chief operating officer for the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

Sahlin is the current Executive Director of the Asbury Park Housing Authority.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small declared an emergency at the Atlantic City Housing Authority … which helped to trigger the search for a new Executive and a new Chief Operating Officer.

Doherty and Sahlin were both hired unanimously by the Atlantic City Housing Authority board of commissioners.

During Doherty’s tenure at the New Jersey Casino Reinvestment Authority … Doherty shepherded millions of dollars to Stockton University, Atlantic City Police Department and many other Atlantic City programs.

Doherty also led a concerted effort to provide food to the underserved during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a former Mayor, Doherty has always demonstrated a keen understanding of the various problems that municipalities face.

Doherty was the Mayor of Belmar, New Jersey fir more than 7 years.

Atlantic City's Firsts Throughout History

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