For so many decades, the Members of The United States Congress who brought home the most “bacon,” were considered to be the most influential and effective.

It was affectionately known as “Pork Barrel Spending,” and later as “earmarks.”

Then, for a generation or so, austerity and budget-cutting were all the rage.

In this era, whereby trillions of dollars are being thrown around like millions used to be … people have figured out that their taxes are going to keep rising … so, it’s back to the future, all over again.

Those Members of Congress who bring as much of the tax dollars sent to Washington … back to their districts, are once again being celebrated.

This is where United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-2 comes into play.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew
Rep. Jeff Van Drew (Rep. Jeff Van Drew)
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In year 2021, analysis that was recently compiled by the New York Times, Van Drew has mastered the return of the “earmarks” … by driving as much money back home to New Jersey’s District 2 as responsibly possible.

In separate analysis, The Rutgers University (Rockefeller Institute of Government) filed what they call an R/ECON report, which concluded that New Jersey gets the 4th worst return in the nation on tax dollars sent to Washington versus dollars returned home.

New Jersey receives .75 cents back for each dollar sent to Washington.

The R/ECON report concludes that most states receive more from the federal government in return versus what they pay in.

New Jersey is one of only thirteen states that receives less from Washington, D.C. versus what they contribute.

This makes Van Drew’s accomplishment even more impressive for two reasons. First, He’s done it as a member of Congress from New Jersey. And second, Van Drew has done it as a member of the minority party.

In 2021, Van Drew finished # 21 out of all 435 Members of The United States House of Representatives in terms of winning back money for his district.

Van Drew totaled $ 25.9 million dollars in “earmarks” back to District 2.

Every serious observer believes that Republicans will regain the majority of the United States House Representatives after the November 8 general election.

This will position Van Drew even stronger in 2023 and going forward.

SOURCES: Amounts include earmarks obtained individually and with other members. Source: analysis of House Appropriations Committee data • By The New York Times & Rutgers University, Rockefeller Institute of Government R/ECON report.

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