One-by-one, the Biden Administration is coming after every major appliance in your home and the gasoline car that you drive.

There is no end to their radicalism.

Now, if your child’s school offers hunting courses or archery in the curriculum, the federal government is going to withhold funding from both elementary and secondary schools.

They are doing so under a radical interpretation of the Safer Communities Act, which was passed in a bipartisan manner, however, not to be implemented in this manner.

Fox News Digital obtained written confirmation from the United States Department of Education that, “federal funding will no longer be provided for shooting sport activities as previously allocated under the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act.”

”This prohibition applies to all ESEA funds. The provision went into affect immediately on June 25, 2022, and applies to all existing future awards under all ESEA programs, including 21st Century Community Learning Centers. That apartment is administering the bipartisan law, as written by Congress.”

They have reversed 60 years of past practice in pursuit of their radical agenda to transform the United States of America.

Fox Digital confirmed additional disturbing facts with Tommy Floyd, who is the president of the national archery in the schools program.

”This will be very detrimental to school archery, and hunting program,” said Floyd.

Floyd also confirmed his group is “the largest archery organization for kids in the world, with a total enrollment of 1.3 million,” said Floyd.

United States Senators John Cornyn, R-Texas and Thom Tilly’s, R-North Carolina have written United States Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona … advising that he has “miss interpreted, the BC essay to require the defending of certain long-standing education on enrichment programs - specifically, archery, and hunter education classes - for thousands of children, who rely on these programs to develop life skills, learn, firearm, safety, and build self-esteem.”

The Biden Administration has radically set its sights on taking away gas stoves, air conditioning systems, dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerators.

Now, they’re coming after hunting and archery classes in school.

SOURCES: Fox News Digital, United States Senators John Cornyn & Thom Tillis.

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