First, they came for your gasoline powered car.

Next, they came for your natural gas stove.

Now, they are coming for your dishwasher.

There has never been a more absurd and radical moment in all of American history.

When word first came out that various levels of government were coming after your natural gas stove … anyone who discussed this was trashed and called a liar.

Now, we see that San Francisco, New York and others have announced legislation to ban gas stoves and in some cases are in the process of banning the use of natural gas in its entirety.

Earlier this week, President Joe Biden announced new federal rules for dishwashers.

President Biden has implemented a proposal that may take effect as early as 2027 … that will reduce dishwater power by 27 percent and be required to use 34 percent less water.

The Biden administration has radically sought control of almost every aspect of your life.

Regarding the Biden gambit to move away from natural gas … restaurants will not be able to afford the requirement to operate with only electric stoves.

Chefs also prefer natural gas for cooking, because it cooks both better and more evenly.

Add to this (ideological) politically imposed disaster, the plan to move way from the gasoline combustion engine for cars … How do they expect the electric grid to be able to handle the massive increase in demand for electricity that will be required to meet basic needs?

Look at the rolling blackouts that are already happening around the country with increasing regularity?

None of these radical schemes are sustainable.

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