You know when you step into a voting booth and you have the opportunity to write-in anyone's name who isn't already listed as a candidate?

Apparently, Jersey voters like to have some fun with that little bit of voting freedom.

Jim Walsh, a writer for the Courier-Post, recently went through the write-in results in Camden County and found some rather funny fill-ins.

For the various offices that were up for grabs, the following people were written-in: Flyers' mascot Gritty, Yanni, Joel Embid (spelled wrong) from the 76ers, Super Machine-Y, various Muppets and cartoon characters, the Joker, Ellen DeGeneres, Iggy Pop, President Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Camilla Parker Bowles, "hungerdinger," and "Scotty’s Old City Pickle."

Oh, and someone also voted for "duck" in one race. Whether that was for an animal or a cartoon character could not be determined. However, it is interesting to imagine that if no one turned-out for an election and "duck" won with one vote, what would happen? We would assume a special run-off election might be held for a real candidate, which, given the proper amount of press, could make more people write-in "duck," thus creating a never-ending saga of people voting for "duck."

And, now that we think about it, could a duck in elected office be any worse than some of the people that are there now in this state?

Anyway, people also use the write-in spot to make statements, such as, "NJEA sucks" and "fireworks please."

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