We’ve all heard about nightmare stories about how challenging it is to work with many bureaucracies.

You may be hard pressed to ever top this one. It belongs in Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

A New Jersey woman, Samantha Dreissig has been locked in a bizarre battle with the Internal Revenue Service to prove she’s still alive.

You would think that actually being alive is all the proof that you would need.

However, this is the IRS. Much more is required.

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In fact, Dressig has been trying to prove to the IRS for 7 years that she’s alive.

This is not a joke. It’s actually playing out in real time.

I first learned about this from the reporting of CBS2’s Jessica Layton.

This is not the only time that something like this has happened.

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This mixup occurred at the time of Dreissig’s Mother’s passing. It has been a tax nightmare for Dreissig and her Father ever since.

Life is short. You never know when it’s gonna end,” she said.

But according to the IRS, hers ended seven years ago.

“The last actual person I had spoken to from the IRS — and I quote, ‘Wow, you’re dead all over our system,'” Dreissig said.

The morbid mix-up began when she tried to file her taxes in 2014, the same year her mom passed away of ovarian cancer. She believes the government has them confused, even though they don’t share the same first or last name.

“They say nope, sorry, this account’s linked to a deceased person,” Dreissig said.

And now this is causing problems for Dreissig’s father’s tax returns, with the IRS saying he’s trying to claim a deceased dependent.

During her only face-to-face meeting at an IRS taxpayer assistance center she was promised it would be fixed.

COVID-19 is now being blamed for the the delay. However, she had spent 5 1/2 years prior to the pandemic to prove that she’s alive.

It appears that she has been ghosted ever since. CBS2 called to find out how this could happen.

“She’s definitely not dead. I just spoke with her,” Layton told an IRS agent.

“Her last letter from the IRS says, “These situations may take some time to resolve.”

Seven years?

“I honestly want the IRS to know that I’m alive, kicking,” Dreissig said.

SOURCE: CBS2 Jessica Layton

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