Walt Disney World’s much anticipated annual EPCOT Festival of The Arts 2022 began yesterday, January 14, 2022.

One notable thing going on was the incredibly long lines at the popcorn stands.

Were the folks hungry for great tasting Disney popcorn or was it an actual hunt for the very cool limited edition Figment Popcorn Bucket?

Sidebar: The popcorn really does taste better in Disney World. Just ask Noah Hurley Baker. He’ll tell you.

The Figment Popcorn (collector) Bucket is only available at EPCOT and it sells for $ 25.00 at the park.

However, on the same day of the release (yesterday morning) of this newest coveted Disney collector item, it immediately went up for resale on EBay at up to 10 times of the $ 25 original sale price at the park.

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DisneyFanatic.com was the first to report about this story.

Here is a look at several of the current bids on the EBay market place. The Figment collectables are attracting multiple bids.


During our family time in Disney World, which ended last evening, we regularly saw posted signs which read “Limit of 2 Items” can be purchased.

Harry & Margie Hurley photo.
Harry & Margie Hurley photo.

This is a byproduct of supply chain issues and also an attempt to try and curtail the aggressive ( high priced) resale market that regularly takes place.

The limit of purchasing no more than 2 Figment Popcorn Buckets does not appear to have been enforced yesterday at EPCOT and people were seen leaving with big bags filled with them.

Here is a link to DisneyFantatic.com coverage, including video of the large lines for the Figment collector item.

Read more from DisneyFanatic.com: Video: Massive Line at EPCOT for Figment Popcorn Bucket

I’m not a fan of people doing this. These collector items are mostly meant for children and the young at heart to enjoy one at a time for themselves.

This is a sign of our current times. Nothing is allowed to remain pure (any longer) in America. Even children’s toys are turned into a for profit scheme.

SOURCES: DisneyFantatic.com and on-site personal observations at Walt Disney World in Florida.

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