If you were romping around Atlantic City over Memorial Day Weekend, you might've noticed something that wasn't there before.

No, not a new casino. If you guessed artwork, you are absolutely correct. Pay attention to the sides of the buildings around you this summer; new murals have been taking shape all over the World's Play Ground. The 48 Blocks Atlantic City art program has been hard at work painting all over the city with the goal of sprucing up streets in Atlantic City. The result? NJ.com has some of the pics of the edgy and off-the-wall murals on random buildings around town.

48 Blocks is a project sponsored by the Atlantic City Art Foundation. By partnering with Stockton University, the ultimate goal is to expand the visual art, performance art, and culture of the city. 48 Blocks Atlantic City is at its core a festival. It spans over 48 hours during the weekend of June 21st through June 23rd and will feature everything from live art demonstrations, yoga, and the crafting of even more murals.

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