NEWARK — Body camera footage has been released showing the chaos involving several men interfering with city police officers during an arrest last week.

The roughly two minutes of body camera footage released late Friday night shows several men grappling with at least two police officers, as one officer can be heard repeatedly urging them to stop.

At one point, a body camera is knocked from the officer’s uniform and then kicked away while pointing up from the sidewalk.

When footage resumes, backup officers have arrived and continue to struggle putting handcuffs on at least one of the individuals.

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The video clip posted by Newark Police to Youtube and Facebook is titled "Police Video Shows Cops Were Attacked at Fabyan Place and Cypress Street Tuesday."

Two officers were treated for reports of pain following the incident and four men were arrested within a two-day span and charged with aggravated assault against a police officer.

Newark Public Safety Director Brian O’Hara applauded the actions of the officers involved while also thanking Mayor Ras Baraka for his quick response, which included orders to knock down two abandoned houses and tow 17 vehicles that were violating laws on the same city block.

Baraka also ordered that a mobile police precinct be set up there for an increased police presence.

Branden K. Rodwell, 31, of Newark, and Justin Rodwell, 30, of Irvington, were both arrested at the scene on June 1.

Jaykil A. Rodwell, 28, and Jasper D. Spivey, 24, both of Newark, were arrested on Wednesday.

Branden Rodwell and Justin Rodwell each face three counts of aggravated assault against a police officer, in addition to obstruction of the administration of the law and resisting arrest.

Jaykil Rodwell and Jasper Spivey each face three counts of aggravated assault against a police officer, as well as obstruction of the administration of the law and hindering apprehension or prosecution.

“They used extraordinary restraint even while it is clear from the video that the officers were out-numbered and that they were attacked while attempting to make an arrest,” O’Hara said in a written statement on Friday.

“We cannot and will not standby and allow police officers, who are sworn to safeguard our streets, to be physically attacked for doing their job,” he also said.

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