TRENTON — Showing your vehicle's registration would be as simple as swiping on your smartphone under a bill making its way through the state Legislature.

Republican Assemblyman Ron Dancer, a sponsor of the measure, said it only makes sense to let drivers show electronic proof of registration.

“People are rarely without their phones. We have to keep up with technology and offer drivers the convenience and accessibility they have become accustomed to,” Dancer said in a written statement.

The bill, which unanimously passed the Assembly on Monday, next goes to the state Senate for review by committee.

It calls for the state Motor Vehicle Commission to draft regulations addressing the issuance, design and content of electronic registration certificates, as well as a plan for spotting counterfeit or fake certificates.

Showing proof of auto insurance in New Jersey has been allowed either physically through a paper card or electronically via a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device since 2015, under a measure signed by then-Gov. Chris Christie.

“Allowing drivers to show proof of insurance and registration on their phone makes the process easier and safer for both the officer and driver,” Dancer said.

Electronic proof of vehicle registration already is allowed in Tennessee and Michigan, according to the state Assembly Republicans' office.

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