BERLIN TOWNSHIP — Several K9 units, the State Police Aviation Unit, and a drone unit searched Sunday afternoon for a man who claimed to have a gun in his backpack and who was going to "kill people."

The suspect, identified as a homeless man named Lewis O. Tilton III, was located Monday morning by Evesham police. Berlin Township police said criminal charges were pending against Tilton did not disclose the specific charges or if Tilton was found with a weapon.

Berlin Township police said they received a call around 1:15 PM about a man walking on Cooper Road towards Route 73 who had a shotgun in his backpack. The call sparked an immediate search for the man identified as a homeless man named Lewis O. Tilton III.

A man matching his description was briefly spotted by Berlin Township police but he ran into the woods off Cooper Road at Industrial Drive. Several sightings were called into police but Tilton was still not taken into custody. Patrols were increased in the Marlton Lakes communities on Sunday night and an increased presence was planned for schools.

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Evesham police reported Monday morning that Tilton was taken into custody walking along Raymond Avenue.

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