The Docket app that has been available for New Jersey residents to quickly gain access to their COVID-19 vaccination records has expanded to include one's records on many other routine vaccinations.

The New Jersey Department of Health on Monday announced the new feature of the free app. By clicking "access all immunization records," one can see their history of vaccinations beyond just COVID — influenza, MMR, HPV, and hepatitis, for example.

But the information available on the app may not be up to date. Availability of vaccination records, DOH noted, is dependent upon health care providers submitting that information to the New Jersey Immunization Information System.

Pediatric records are more likely to be complete than those of adolescents and adults because all doses given to those under 7 years of age are required to be reported to NJIIS.

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"Digital vaccination records enable simple access for individuals who wish to access their records for any reason, such as keeping track of when they may be due for certain vaccines," said DOH Commissioner Judith Persichilli. "Expanding access to those records that are available provides convenience, especially for parents."

Individuals should reach out to their health care provider if they do not see their full immunization record on Docket, DOH said.

Expanded access to other vaccine records is available beginning with Docket version 2.2.44.

The Docket app, available from the Apple App Store and Google Play, was introduced last summer. It currently has about 1.3 million users.

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