BERKELEY — An Ocean County driver with a long history of reckless driving offenses could be dealt just a five-year prison term when sentenced for a drunken crash that left a single mother of two unable to walk.

At the time of the Nov. 2, 2020 crash, William Andujar, of Whiting, was drunk on alcohol and high on methadone, based on blood test results.

The victim, Susan Ewing, and her family have repeatedly urged a judge to consider a sentence that sends a clear message against such impaired driving.

Vehicle totaled in crash (courtesy Susan Ewing's family) Ocean County
Vehicle totaled in crash (courtesy Susan Ewing's family) Ocean County

Andujar pleaded guilty in December to aggravated assault and driving under the influence of alcohol, according to Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer.

It was announced that the state would request a term of five years.

Under the No Early Release Act, Andujar could be eligible for parole after serving just over four years of such a sentence.

Driver who paralyzed NJ victim had over 20 years of reckless offenses

At the time of the 2020 wreck, Andujar was already on probation for his most recent driving offenses, a New Jersey 101.5 investigation reveals.

His public driving record maintained by the Motor Vehicle Commission shows more than 20 years of tickets, citations and violations, documents obtained by New Jersey 101.5 shows.

His driver’s license has been suspended at least six times. He also has been caught driving while suspended.

Andujar completed a defensive driving course at least three times and been cited under the Drug Reform Act at least three times.

He was involved in a different crash just nine days before the one that left Susan Ewing paralyzed, according to his MVC record. He was cited for failing to obey a traffic control device.

November 2020 crash site in Ocean County (Google Maps)
(Google Maps)

The crash involving Ewing happened on Nov. 2, 2020.

Berkeley Township Police responded around 7 p.m., to the area of West Pinewald Keswick Road.

Investigators found that Andujar had been driving westbound in a 2010 Honda CRV, when he plowed into the back of a 2003 Hyundai Elantra driven by Ewing, then 44, a South Toms River resident.

The impact sent the vehicles into a nearby wooded area. Both vehicles were extremely damaged.

Vehicle driven by William Andujar (courtesy Susan Ewing's family)
Vehicle driven by William Andujar (courtesy Susan Ewing's family)

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Andujar was arrested three weeks later, on Nov. 24, after lab results confirmed the methadone in his system, according to documents in the case.

Blood sample results also showed that Andujar was drunk at the time of the crash with a Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.18.

Vehicle totaled in crash (courtesy Susan Ewing's family) Ocean County
Vehicle totaled in crash (courtesy Susan Ewing's family) Ocean County

The crash forever altered the life of Ewing and her family.

Of her children, one is special needs and was completely dependent on her before the crash.

She is paralyzed in both legs and is at grave risk for deadly blood clots, suffering from more than a dozen simultaneous clots, according to her brother.

Since the crash, she has been hospitalized multiple times because of complications from the injuries.

Andujar's defense attorney was granted access to four years of the victim’s medical records from before the crash.

While such a request might be routine in building a defense case, Ewing’s called it an inappropriate intrusion as they struggle to handle her new, often-urgent disabilities.

The family has also struggled with sudden date changes to court hearings that have left Ewing unable to remotely view some of the proceedings.

Andujar is set for sentencing the morning of Feb. 23 in Ocean County Superior Court.

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