Cases of the flu almost disappeared in the last couple of years during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This flu season is predicted to be worse than in the last two years.

The flu has been around forever and flu vaccines have been promoted heavily in the last decade as the best way to protect yourself.

Flu shots have had less than 40% efficacy in the last five years and a 19% effectiveness rate in the 2014-2015 flu season.

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Some people take them religiously every year and everyone from your primary care physician to your pharmacy to tons of ads in every media possible tell you to "get the shot".

Others don't feel comfortable with any vaccines against something they feel isn't a death sentence.

In some cases, the flu is a death sentence. The CDC estimates that between 12,000 and 52,000 people die of the flu each year.

Of course, the deadliness of the flu depends heavily on the relative health and age of the patient.

Whether or not you have faith in our public health officials, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies, and decide to get the shot or not, there are some things you can do to protect yourself.

Doctors and health professionals all agree on a few things that help your chances of avoiding or getting a severe case of the flu.

  1. Wash your hands more often- Even though the flu virus is airborne, it can spread from hand-to-hand contact.
  2. Moderate your alcohol intake- Alcohol dehydrates you and can hamper your immune system.
  3. Get plenty of sleep - Poor sleep will wreak havoc on your immune system.
  4. Take supplements of Vitamin C - Vitamin C enhances a barrier of protection against germs invading our body's cells.
  5. Keep your Vitamin D level adequate - A deficiency of Vitamin D increases your susceptibility to infections like the flu.
  6. Use Olive Leaf Oil Extracts - olive leaf extract have been proven scientifically to positively modify our immune system.

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