If you happened to be in the right place at the right time to save a young girl's life in the early 90s, she is looking for you.

A reddit user by the name of u/velvetdavis took to the New Jersey subreddit last night to track down the person who helped her, so she could finally thank them.

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Here's what she wrote:

I’m looking for the people who saved my life.

31 years ago I was 8 years old and floating alone on a raft somewhere out in the Delaware Bay. Maybe this is the year I can finally connect with the person who saved me.


My parents had just bought our house on Pacific Ave in North Cape May. We had a big party and a bunch of adults brought us kids down to the Bay (at Whittier) to play. The inflatable rafts were intended to be tethered to the beach.

I sat in one at the water’s edge. I had no life jacket and no oars and was way far out within only minutes. I remember watching so many people try to swim out past the jetties as far as they could, and then watched each person turn back to the beach in defeat.


I have to imagine that the person who saved me told someone they found a child floating in the Bay. I’m appreciative of any leads or tips that help me connect with the person who scooped me up and returned me to the shore to find my family.


Are you out there, friend? I’d love to say thank you. 🙂
PS. I still sit in the sand on that exact same section of beach at Whittier, and every year I am more and more crippled with anxiety watching all of the people casually enjoying inflatables of all sizes on a waveless Bay like it’s a docile pool. It’s not.

We have a good amount of clues. Whitter Avenue in North Cape May, on the bayside. July 29th, 1990; for what it's worth, that was a Sunday.

Some of the commenters in the Reddit thread tried to point the woman in the right direction. Some suggestions include tracking down longtime members of the police department, Coast Guard, fire department, or lifeguard service. Also asking around at the oldest diners and bars in town. Not a bad idea.

If you have any leads, make a Reddit account and let this woman know. There is a long-overdue "thank you" depending on it.

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