⚫ School confirms investigation into student group

⚫ Reports say group 'White Student Union" has been harassing others

COLLINGSWOOD — Some Collingswood High School students were under investigation after a “non-sanctioned group” was accused of unacceptable, possible racist actions.

School administrators have said that an active Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying investigation is underway.

A group dubbed a “White Student Union” had been harassing other members of the school community, NJ Pen reported on April 9.

Collingswood, NJ census data
(Canva, Google Maps)

In a letter to the community three days later, Collingswood Schools Superintendent Fred McDowell said the “District did not provide nor authorize the release of all the information reported by the media.”

NJ Pen has since issued a correction for at least some details of its story.

Teenagers in the alleged group “often racially harass other students,” 6ABC Action News reported.

Collingswood HS (Google Maps)
Collingswood HS (Google Maps)

The Collingswood Police Department and the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office have also been investigating, with no further details shared out of privacy concerns for students who are minors.

“Any student who violates the District Code of Conduct or the Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying policies will be disciplined appropriately,” McDowell continued, saying he was deeply troubled by the allegations.

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