A New Jersey man has died trying to reach the tallest peak in North America.

Fernando Birman, 48, of Stockton, collapsed just 610 feet from reaching the 20,310-foot summit of Denali in Alaska.

The National Park Service says Birman was at 19,700 feet was he collapsed. "His mountain guides immediately initiated cardio-pulmonary resuscitation," the Park Service said in a statement, "Birman never regained a pulse."

Birman's body was removed from the mountain by helicopter.

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The State of Alaska Medical Examiner will conduct a full autopsy, but the Park Service says his death is "consistent with sudden cardiac arrest."

A climber collapsed at 19,700-feet on Denali during a summit attempt the evening of Friday, June 3. His mountain guides immediately initiated cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at approximately 5:45 pm, but the climber, 48-year-old Fernando Birman, never regained a pulse. Birman, who comes from Stockton, New Jersey, was pronounced deceased on the scene. The cause of death is unknown, but consistent with sudden cardiac arrest. - Statement from National Park Service

It is believed that Birman was part of a 12-person guided tour that set out for the peak on May 22.

Multiple media reports say Birman is at least the third climber to have died on the mountain since the beginning of May.

129 climbers have died on Denali since 1932.

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