A Middlesex County man has been sentenced to over a quarter of a century in prison for persuading, inducing, and enticing women to travel to engage in prostitution.

46-year-old Jose Torres was convicted on four counts in an indictment following a six-day trial.

On Wednesday, he was sentenced to 311 months, or almost 26 years, behind bars.

Federal authorities say from May 2015 to October 2019, "Torres persuaded, induced and enticed female victims, often commercial sex workers, to travel from out of state locations, including Canada and New York, to engage in prostitution with him."

In each instance, Torres trolled prostitution websites and targeted out-of-state sex workers. He lured them to New Jersey with promises of large sums of money.

Once the women were in New Jersey, Torres refused to pay them. When the victims asked for payment, Torres became aggressive, often assaulting and raping them.

In addition to the prison term, Torres was sentenced to 15 years of supervised release and imposed a $5,000 special assessment for trafficking.

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