PHILIPSBURG — Police looking for drugs found a large amount hidden in with a toddler's toys along with dynamite Tuesday while executing a search warrant.

The discovery was made at a house on Prospect Street in Philipsburg along with materials used in the packaging, marketing and distribution of drugs, according to Warren County Prosecutor James L. Pfeiffer.

Craig S. Jones, 29, and Alicia F. Trembler, 35, were charged with a nearly a dozen drugs, weapons, intent to distribute and child endangerment charges.

While Jones was being processed at the Warren County Correctional Facility, drugs were found in his body.

Much of the drugs were found in the toys of Jones and Trembler's 3-year-old child's toys along with three half sticks of dynamite and a collapsible baton.

The seized contraband includes:

  • 102 grams of fentanyl: Over 5,000 single doses with a street value of approximately $10,200.
  • 46 grams of methamphetamine: Valued at approximately $1,380
  • 28 grams of cocaine: With a street value of approximately $1,820
  • 2 transdermal fentanyl patches
  • 5 pressed Fentanyl pills, 6 Clonazepam pills, and 35 Lorazepam pills

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