Sometimes you go through an EZPass lane and you don't realize you're low on money and a few weeks later you get one of those colorful EZPass fine envelopes in the mail... I can only imagine what this guy's mailbox must look like.

Police have arrested 60-year-old Anthony Cotugno of Newark because they say he owes nearly $41,000 in tolls and fees at New York City-area river crossings and another $47,000 to the New Jersey Turnpike.

The Associated Press via WPVI-TV reports Cotugno was arrested after he didn't pay the toll at the George Washington Bridge on Wednesday (which makes us ask the question, why didn't they pull him over for not paying a toll $80,000 ago?).

Anyway, Cotugno is facing numerous toll evasion and traffic-related violations.

And if you think people owing large amounts of tolls and fines is anything new, think again -- a North Jersey man was arrested last summer for being $78,000 in the EZPass hole.



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