BORDENTOWN TOWNSHIP — Police Chief Brian Pesce will keep his job for now after admitting to driving while intoxicated during an April traffic stop as part of a plea deal.

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Bodycam footage showed Pesce lying in the street behind his pickup truck after crashing into a mailbox in neighboring Hamilton Township on April 22.

The video shows his keys and cell phone on the ground, the belt on his pants open and his jeans partly down.

Pesce has been on restricted duty pending further court action.

Bordentown police chief DWI charges (Hamilton Township Police/ via Youtube)
Bordentown police chief DWI charges (Hamilton Township Police/ via Youtube)

Only facing a DWI charge

According to a report by, the deal drops all other charges against him including leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage, failing to report an accident, reckless driving and careless driving.

He will remain as chief pending the result of an internal investigation by the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office, according to a statement from Township Administrator Michael Theokas.

“As part of our decision-making process, and in accordance with the New Jersey Attorney General directives regarding Internal Affairs Policy and Procedures, the Committee will wait to review the results of an Internal Investigation from the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office before any further decisions are made," Theokas said. “The chief will remain in charge of the Bordentown Township Police Department under the restricted duty provisions currently in place.”

Pesce has been a police officer for 24 years.

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