HADDONFIELD – Police identified the man who went on a two-town rampage Thursday night driving a car on the sidewalk and terrorizing the residents of a half dozen homes.

Audubon police said Christian Capacchione, 30, of National Park, drove a Dodge Charger on the sidewalk along Kings Highway in Haddonfield and heavily damaged the British Chip Shop restaurant before abandoning the car in neighboring Audubon.

Video obtained by 6ABC Action News showed the quarter panel of Dodge's passenger side ripped off.

Capacchione then tried to enter six homes along Bartlett Avenue and one vehicle in  Audubon. Police counted 15 victims of the incidents.

The news site NJ Pen reported that police said Capacchione kicked in the door of a home on Hood Avenue. He told a woman and her daughter inside that he needed a hostage while threatening to shoot them, the report cited police as saying.

Video of one attempted break-in shows the suspect coming onto a porch with a piece of lumber in his hand.

What was the motivation?

Capacchione was taken into custody when Audubon officers saw him try to break into a home. Two officers were injured trying to arrest him, saying he resisted.

Capacchione faces 16 criminal charges including terroristic threats, burglary, endangering the welfare of a child and assault on a law enforcement officer. Haddonfield police said Capacchione was charged with “multiple vehicular and criminal offenses.”  He is being held at the Camden County Correctional Facility.

Neither Audubon nor Haddonfield police disclosed what motivated Capacchione to drive on the sidewalk or break into the homes.

"This incident ended in Audubon, and it is a credit to the work of all of our officers that this incident was resolved without any injury to civilians. Thank you to our LEOs for your service," Haddonfield Mayor Colleen Bezich wrote on her Facebook page.

The British Chip Shop in Haddonfield on its Facebook page Friday said it has been declared structurally sound and is able to reopen on one side of the restaurant.

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