Months after being busted on charges of shoplifting over $200 in groceries at a store, an officer has stepped down from his post at the Point Pleasant Police Department.

Ocean County

Joshua Gunnell resigned, effective Sept. 1, Point Pleasant Police Chief Adam Picca confirmed on Thursday, adding “There are no additional charges pending.”

Gunnell was a Detective Sgt. and head of the Point Pleasant detective bureau at the time of his arrest.

Police had said in late June, he tried to walk out of a Walmart store in Brick Township after scanning only one item at a self-checkout register.

By August, he had been suspended without pay.

Self checkout theft (Canva)
Self checkout theft (Canva)

According to a study by The University of Leicester, theft rates doubled at self-checkouts — while a 2019 YouGov survey said 10% of shoppers admitted to stealing while using self-checkout kiosks.

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