⭕  Princeton High School students join protesters at Princeton University

⭕  Princeton's encampment continues as police break up UPenn's protest

PRINCETON — Public school district officials say they were disturbed by words used by pro-Palestine students, who walked out of school on Thursday to join the sit-in protest at Princeton University.

Acting Superintendent Kathie Foster said in a message to parents that students chanted “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” which she recognized as an offensive phrase.

Video posted to X shows students walking in a hallway beating a drum and chanting "Free Palestine."

The students, who were required to sign out at the main office as they headed to Cannon Green, will be held accountable in order “to consider the impact of their words, even when engaging in protected activity," Foster said in her letter.

"Although we will investigate today’s incidents through the lens of our PHS Code of Conduct, we are equally committed to using this moment as an opportunity to facilitate a deeper and more empathetic understanding of each other, consistent with our mission to prepare all of our students to be knowledgeable and compassionate citizens of a global society," Foster's letter says.

UPDATE: Sit-in ends at Princeton: What the protesters got out of it

Philadelphia encampment broken up

The Princeton University encampment continued Friday as police in Philadelphia detained demonstrators who have been camping at the University of Pennsylvania for more than two weeks.

Officers moved in after giving protesters a two-minute warning to leave campus.

6ABC Action News reported that supporters of the protest sat down in the street at 34th and Walnut streets to impede police from removing the protesters.

Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro said Thursday that UPenn should break up the encampment, calling it "unstable" and "unacceptable."

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