We all know the price of real estate in New Jersey sits at ridiculous levels these days, but consider this: we had absolutely no problem finding at least two dozen towns in this state where the average home is worth at least $1 million.

Yes, there are a lot more.

And if you're asking yourself "How can anyone afford to live here," don't worry -- I am, too.

To determine which towns have the highest home values, we turned to the Zillow Home Values Index, which measures "monthly changes in property level Zestimates ... across a wide variety of geographies and housing types."

The average New Jersey home value is $492,394, up 5.2% over the past year...

Points to note

First, it's a given that most shore towns have expensive homes, but you'll find there are quite a few places away from the coast that feature pricey abodes.

Second, not every house in these towns is worth $1 million (but most are). This is a rolling average and a good indicator of which spots on a map are a tad luxurious.

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Big bucks

Across the state, four towns have an average home value exceeding $2 million; one is over $3 million.

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Cheapest home values

Before we look at the towns with the highest values, here are some locations on the other end of the spectrum, according to Zillow:

  • Camden - $111,434
  • Atlantic City - $185,935
  • Pleasantville - $199,250
  • Salem - $193,242
  • Bridgeton - $218,081
  • Pennsauken - $241,719
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The Average Home Value in These 25 NJ Towns is Over $1 Million

As of October 2023

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